Leek me Shitake that Virus

This is so incredibly yummy served on its own, or as a sauce for garlic noodle pasta or brown rice.  

It just so happens to be super simple and quick to prepare. Plus, its incredible good for your immunity.  So cut, heat, stir, then eat, and let the shitakes tackle the oncoming virus and cold.  

Total time from cutting board to fork: 11 minutes 



  • One organic leek, chopped 
  • 10 organic shitake mushrooms, washed 
  • 2 tablespoons chopped garlic, fresh or dried
  • 1 tablespoon organic, first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 heaping tablespoon organic miso paste (alternatively may use non-soy based)
  • teaspoon himalayan salt, to taste (alternatively can use soy, tamari, or bragg's amino acids)


  1. Cut leek and wash throughly 
  2. Add olive oil to a fry pan on medium low heat
  3. Saute garlic for a few minutes
  4. Move heat to medium. Add leeks and salt.  Saute for a few minutes until leeks are well sauteed. 
  5. Chop or use your hands to rip up the shikates. I rip them up, it saves soooo much time. 
  6. The mushrooms will release water, don't mind the water, it is nutritious and will become a sauce soon. 
  7. When mushrooms are finished cooking, move heat to low and add miso paste. Stir the miso in throughout the dish and allow it to be totally absorbed.  
  8. Remove from heat and eat!


  • For starters, garlic, leeks, and shitake mushrooms all have immune boosting, virus killing, cold destroying, properties. Eat them plentifully all year round to ward away colds and when you are feeling cold coming on.  
  • Miso paste, a probiotic rich food, has beneficial bacteria for really important gut health. Your gut health is key to not only proper digestion but for your overall immune health. Miso paste also wards away seasonal allergies.

Do note, there are living beneficial bacteria in miso paste.  Although heating it kills the beneficial bacteria, even when dead (as in miso soup), it has shown to provide benefits.  In this recipe, were heating the miso on low, keeping the bacteria killing to a minimum and benefits to a maximum. 

  • Since were using olive oil, lets not cook the oil at high heat, it will denature the oil and make it bad for you.  When the mushrooms release some water, you can switch to medium high for a couple minutes to speed up the cooking time.  Just watch the dish and make sure it doesn't smoke. 
  • Tip: rip the mushroom with your hands.  Seriously, do you really want to pull out your cutting board if you dont gotta?