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FastBeets' Customized Workshops & Classes

Thank you for interest in FastBeets' Workshops! To book a workshop or class please email 

Holistic Nutritionist, Shaina Simhaee, teaches your team of any size healthy meals in an average of 7 minutes each.  The workshops and classes are all customizable to your group's size and needs.  

At the end of the workshop, each participant will

  • leave with 3-5 meals they made themselves in under 7 minutes,
  • a packet of recipes, 
  • the understanding of what makes a meal healthy
  • and a full, satisfied belly.

Unlike traditional cooking classes, participants work hands-on in the workshop, creating their own meals and leaving with the skills to make these meals at home in a jiffy.  

Customizable Workshops: Shaina works with your group's specific needs and goals to create a program.  Past classes and Workshops have included:

  • Corporate Workshops - Lunch can often set the tone for the rest of the workday.   Productivity can either lag after lunch or accelerate.  Shaina teaches the group which meals will leave them ready to tackle their biggest work challenge. 
  • Private Classes - Whether it's one person or 15 people, Shaina will lead a class on healthy meal prep, anti-inflammatory foods, and demonstrate a few meals.  Each of these classes is catered to what the group requests. 
  • Speaking Engagements - Bring Shaina Simhaee to your next group gathering to speak on a myriad of health topics. Topics include, but not limited to:
    • Inflammation,
    • Weight Loss,
    • Vitamins and their Synergies,
    • Gut Health and,
    • Immune Health.  

These speaking engagements can be used in combination with a cooking workshop or without.  


For additional information on booking a workshop or a class, please email for pricing and availability.