Welcome to Fast Beets!

Its a fast paced world out there. When we want our food, we want it NOW! Laboriously slaving away over a hot kitchen stove just isn't all that sexy and it isn't the best use of time. Nor will it make your food any healthier. 

Fast Beet's aims at providing fast recipes that'll make you healthy, slim you down, and amp up your energy.  Oh yah, and you'll be eating it faster than you can figure out the food delivery app on your phone!

Foolproof Ensured!

We have a strict "Fool Proof Policy" for all the recipes we feature. 

Meaning that they are NOT scientific concoctions that need all the ingredients to be exact in order to work.  In fact, if you are missing an ingredient thats called for, chances are you may be safe in replacing it with something else you might have or omitting it all together. 

Second, if you use more or less of any ingredient, it does NOT make any difference.  Taste the recipe as you go to be on the safe side.  Then adjust the ingredients according to your taste.  

Lastly, do NOT be afraid to get creative with the recipes, if you have another ingredient at home that you love, use it! Don't be afraid to make mistakes because it might just turn out delicious!