Vanilla-Acai-Berry Workout Enhancer

In order to increase the after-burn and build those muscles that will keep you skinny, you need to eat protein within 20 minutes of your workout. Without adequate protein to refuel your muscles, they won't build, and your workout might just go to waste.  Muscles are what keeps you thin. Muscles naturally expend more energy than fat.  What this means for you is that the more muscles you have, the more calories your body will burn when you are sitting around doing nothing. 

Workout Enhancing Vanilla Acai Berry

This smoothie is a fast way to get in that protein.  The problem with most juice bars and smoothie shops is that they add in so much fruit to make it taste good and you end up destroying your workout with all that excess sugar.   The recipe below ensures that your glycemic load remains low.  Low glycemic load + protein = Weight loss


  • One scoop or packet of Vegan Vanilla Protein (I used Garden of Life, Raw Vanilla protein powder) 
  • Half a packet of unsweetened frozen acai
  • 4 strawberries (or more if you're feeling generous)
  • Handful of organic kale
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk


  1. Blend.  Add ice if you like it colder. 
  2. Consume after your workout. 


Nutritional Low Down


The strawberries in here are key.  Strawberries, not only taste good, but contain vitamin C.  The vitamin C enables your body to absorb the iron the kale. 


Acai when unsweetened is low glycemic, which means it won't spike your insulin and make you fat. Its also a great source of energy and will help you refuel after your workout.  

You can skip that acai bowl though, as those usually come with extra sugar from fruit to make it blend like ice cream.  Its great as a treat, but did you really just workout to swallow a bunch of sugar?  

This recipe only calls for half of the acai serving to cut back on excessive calories, after all this is not a meal replacement its a post-workout protein shake.  If you would like to add the entire serving, go for it!


Its kale, its one of the most nutrient dense things on this planet.  Go for it. Sneak some in, you'll hardly notice. 


Protein is what makes this. If you have a favorite kind of protein powder use it.  If you are looking for something, read the labels.  Make sure there are no funny ingredients in it and its clean and wholesome.  Ultimately the taste is up to you, but I personally prefer the Garden of Life brand for both quality and taste. 

xx, SS