Why a Vegan Believes You Can Still Eat Your Meat

On Monday, the World Health Organization’s announced that processed meat and red meat are classified as carcinogens. 


What this means for meat consumers isn't necessarily to avoid meat all together, but to eat very little quantities of it.  After all, people have been eating meat for millennia, and even as a vegan I will attest to that.  

But its also true, that life expectancy is higher today. Previously people weren't living long enough to get cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Moreover, meat wasn't as accessible and consumed as frequently as it is today. 

Mariana Stern, a cancer epidemiologist from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and one of the 22 scientists on the panel that reported the findings stated in a Science News article by Rachel Ehrenberg: 

“Age is the biggest carcinogen that we have. We’ve been eating meat for a long time, but currently, we may be eating it in much higher amounts and our life expectancy is higher so we have more time to develop cancers.”

To be able to live long and healthy lives, we must modify our diets.  That includes eliminating processed foods that contain nitrates, and reducing our meat consumption.

Further, the way you cook your meat matters too. Burning your meat, such as when you barbecue, creates cancer causing nitroso compounds.

If you must eat meat, choose grass-fed over corn fed.  Cows were made to eat grass.  Grass contains beneficial vitamins and minerals for cows, that in turn become beneficial to the consumer. Benefits like the ultra-amazing omega-3 fats. Plus, grass-fed beef tastes better too.  

Some additional reading on red meat:

  1. It increases your risk for type 2 diabetes Source: Meat consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: the Multiethnic Cohort.
  2. The kind of iron in meat (heme iron) causes colorectal cancer through the formation of nitroso compounds. Iron is essential for us, but the kind of you get from meat can pose serious health risks. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21209396

Now that you've significantly reduced your meat consumption.  Spend your calories on plants! You're going to live longer than the generation before you, eat healthy so you'll live healthy through those years. 


xx, SS

How to Stay Thin in a #foodporn World

Photos of decadent meals are abundant on social media.  Whether its a new restaurant opening, or your friend's last supper, And have you tried out the Wine N Dine app yet?? All food pics, all the time.  Its hard not to start getting cravings.  

Now, I can sit here and tell you to start making the "healthy" version of the meals you're craving.  But there's a big problem with that: who wants fake pizza? I'd rather be forced to wear a designer replica made in streets of chinatown. Fake food doesn't fool anybody, it only makes you want to eat the real thing all the more.  

So then, how do we fight the #foodporn problem?  By joining the #foodporn problem.  Pinterest, actually makes it really easy.  

Here are the 3 easy steps to get over your #foodporn - derived cravings:

  1. Start a board on dedicated Pinterest board.  Something like "wow, that looks good", or "yummy food, gimme now!". 
  2. Start pinning all that food that looks good to you. That chocolate brownie looks mighty fine? Pin it.  The creamy lobster pasta makes you drool? Pin it. Are bacon cheeseburgers your version of heaven on a plate? Pin it.  
  3. Once you've done some Pinterest damage.  Close the app and stop thinking about the food.  

There's a psychology to this method.  By pinning the images, you're inadvertently putting them in a box for later-- but there isn't going to be a later.   Essentially, by pinning the images, your brain feels ownership of that scrumptious cupcake. The ownership, tells your brain, okay we got the cupcake, you can stop lusting for it. And just like that you've controlled your food cravings. 

Next time PMS hits and you're scouring aisle 5 for everything chocolate, hit up your good friend Pinterest instead. 

So, now that you're food cravings are gone, check out Get the Beet Up for recipes that are actually good for you and your taste buds!


Natural Hangover Remedies

The 3 greatest hangover remedies and preventions. 

When you drink, drink responsibly. Then hydrate and follow one or three of the remedies below so you the drink doesn't haunt you tomorrow.   

1. Coconut water: Coconut water is highly hydrating and contains the minerals our bodies need to replenish.  I drink coconut water throughout a party.  In fact, i’m so huge a fan that during my wedding, i had the bridal staff on hand with plenty of coconut water to keep me and my husband hydrated.  Being hydrated gave us even more energy on that big day (even if you’re not drinking alcohol!).  Coconut water is a lifesaver on the day after a party to once again hydrate. My only caution with this is watch out for coconut water's naturally high sugar content.  So limit consumption to the amount needed for hydration.   

2. Banana: Similar to coconut water, bananas have tons of potassium to ward away hangover.  My advice: Have the banana before you go to bed to keep hangovers at bay.  


3. Avocado: Although the least well known cure. Avocado’s have more potassium than bananas.  My advice: Add some nutrient rich avocado to your morning smoothie, have an avocado toast, or add some to your morning eggs.  Either which way, the good for you oils and the potassium will surely alleviate any hangovers.