How to Stay Thin in a #foodporn World

Photos of decadent meals are abundant on social media.  Whether its a new restaurant opening, or your friend's last supper, And have you tried out the Wine N Dine app yet?? All food pics, all the time.  Its hard not to start getting cravings.  

Now, I can sit here and tell you to start making the "healthy" version of the meals you're craving.  But there's a big problem with that: who wants fake pizza? I'd rather be forced to wear a designer replica made in streets of chinatown. Fake food doesn't fool anybody, it only makes you want to eat the real thing all the more.  

So then, how do we fight the #foodporn problem?  By joining the #foodporn problem.  Pinterest, actually makes it really easy.  

Here are the 3 easy steps to get over your #foodporn - derived cravings:

  1. Start a board on dedicated Pinterest board.  Something like "wow, that looks good", or "yummy food, gimme now!". 
  2. Start pinning all that food that looks good to you. That chocolate brownie looks mighty fine? Pin it.  The creamy lobster pasta makes you drool? Pin it. Are bacon cheeseburgers your version of heaven on a plate? Pin it.  
  3. Once you've done some Pinterest damage.  Close the app and stop thinking about the food.  

There's a psychology to this method.  By pinning the images, you're inadvertently putting them in a box for later-- but there isn't going to be a later.   Essentially, by pinning the images, your brain feels ownership of that scrumptious cupcake. The ownership, tells your brain, okay we got the cupcake, you can stop lusting for it. And just like that you've controlled your food cravings. 

Next time PMS hits and you're scouring aisle 5 for everything chocolate, hit up your good friend Pinterest instead. 

So, now that you're food cravings are gone, check out Get the Beet Up for recipes that are actually good for you and your taste buds!