Natural Hangover Remedies

The 3 greatest hangover remedies and preventions. 

When you drink, drink responsibly. Then hydrate and follow one or three of the remedies below so you the drink doesn't haunt you tomorrow.   

1. Coconut water: Coconut water is highly hydrating and contains the minerals our bodies need to replenish.  I drink coconut water throughout a party.  In fact, i’m so huge a fan that during my wedding, i had the bridal staff on hand with plenty of coconut water to keep me and my husband hydrated.  Being hydrated gave us even more energy on that big day (even if you’re not drinking alcohol!).  Coconut water is a lifesaver on the day after a party to once again hydrate. My only caution with this is watch out for coconut water's naturally high sugar content.  So limit consumption to the amount needed for hydration.   

2. Banana: Similar to coconut water, bananas have tons of potassium to ward away hangover.  My advice: Have the banana before you go to bed to keep hangovers at bay.  


3. Avocado: Although the least well known cure. Avocado’s have more potassium than bananas.  My advice: Add some nutrient rich avocado to your morning smoothie, have an avocado toast, or add some to your morning eggs.  Either which way, the good for you oils and the potassium will surely alleviate any hangovers.