Cheers for an Intentionally Rebellious 2016!

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!
— Katherine Hepburn

This New Years, forget about resolutions.  Rather, let’s focus on setting an intention:


An intention to be present in our day to day rather than expect to get presents.  An intention to follow our gut instincts rather than cave to societal pressures.  An intention to allow our dreams to take flight rather than sit on the sidelines. And intention to not take life too seriously.

When it comes to your health, stress is probably the worst of all evils.  Living a naturally healthy life is about listening to your own gut instincts and being aware of your body.  Diets as a generality kinda blow.  By being so strict they can cause more stress, which will actually make you gain more weight (thank you cortisol!).  And we haven’t even yet discussed the binging that can happen when you go on a strict diet.


Programs that promise you will lose weight quickly, will work temporarily. But going extreme in one direction will inevitably leave you to yo-yo in the other extreme direction soon after.  We’re a balanced species, so give yourself a balanced lifestyle all day, everyday.

If you’re a FastBeets follower, you know by now that I follow a mostly plant based diet.  It works for me.  I get energy from it, clearer & glowing skin, a boosted immune system, more nutrients, got rid of my dark under eye circles, and more.  So why give a good thing up?   While the health benefits I’ve gained astound me, I realize that I have to tap in to my body and see what I need and what my body cues are telling me and if that means have a non plant based meal, who cares? I’m not going to lose all the benefits I’ve gained from a plant based diet in one meal. Just like having one bite of cake won't give you 15 extra pounds.  You need moderation and to trusting your own instincts.  In fact, by listening to my body, I’m actually going to vastly benefit my health.

As a person who chooses to eat plants, I usually plan ahead.  At home if I’m going to a non-plant friendly dinner, ill make sure to eat enough protein during the day and enjoy a side dish turned main course of nutrient rich plants for dinner.   If I’m travelling, I’ll bring plant friendly protein snacks, because you never know.  This past week, I forgot my protein snacks at home, when I left for Miami…….argh.

Sometimes you gotta just look your diet straight in the face and say buzz off.

Being vegan in Japan was a no brainer.  Every restaurant had ample options.  In Miami this past week, that was not the case.  Miami was girls trip. My girlfriends and I dined at some of the best restaurants.  Unfortunately, plant based protein wasn’t a common option.  So I got veggies.  Some of the yummiest veggies, might I add. But veggies none the less. While having zucchini for dinner works well (it was a bikini week, so real well), it doesn’t work when protein was noticeably absent from your breakfasts and lunches for the past 6 days.  

On day 6, after subsisting on bowls of hummus, I developed a headache.  I was doing a disservice to myself if I continued to eat veggies and hummus and not enough protein.  I listened to my body’s cravings for protein and I ordered a plate of eggs and rice. Headache went bye-bye.  (Protein deficiency is a real thing, if you are vegan, or contemplating going veg, listen to your body's cues and make sure veg options are available in your lifestyle).


Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, paleo, sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb, or even just cake-free, respect yourself enough to feed yourself what you need.  Listen to your body, it will never steer you wrong. 

Sometimes you gotta just look your diet straight in the face and say buzz off.  Enjoy your healthy life.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  And rebel every once in a while, its all good for you.  



Now pass the cake and the champagne. It’s all in the name of health!
Cheers for an intentionally rebellious 2016!


Xx, SS