FastBeet's Thanksgiving Recovery Plan

As the holidays approach, I advise my clients not to get the best of the holidays without letting the holidays get the best of you! 

Trying to undo thanksgiving is going to be a whole lot harder than keeping the holiday under control.  

Balanced Breakfast

I advise my clients to eat a balanced breakfast the day of the holiday. Even though most Thanksgiving dinners start in the earlier part of the day, getting your breakfast in can be a huge calorie saver.  By eating a solid breakfast you curb your hunger and won’t wind up overeating during the holiday meal.  

A great breakfast includes whole grains filled with fiber to sustain your energy and keep you full. A perfect thanksgiving breakfast thats super easy and quick to make are FastBeet's Pumpkin Breakfast Bars They are filled with oat bran, which contains a high source of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.  Plus, they happen to taste like thanksgiving.  These keep well, so you can make them in a jiffy the night before or the morning of.  Since you’re already making them, make extra and bring them to your holiday meal as a healthy dessert option.   Your host will thank you!

Taste Everything, But Be Mindful of Serving Size

When its time for the thanksgiving meal, taste everything that looks appealing to you.  I always advise against deprivation because it always leads to binging later. It is after all thanksgiving.  But, you don’t actually need to make a whole plate of stuffing and brisket.  Have a little bit, but reserve the majority of your plate for the veggies.  One of the best and healthiest parts of thanksgiving are all the wonderful veggie sides.  Reverse the food groups, fill up on the healthier veggie sides and treat the more decadent food choices as the side dish.  Its a win-win.  You get to eat everything, without sacrificing your waist line. 

As for dessert, start with a warm cup of tea.  The warm tea will give you the sensation that you are full and curbs dessert appetite.  Should you still wish for an indulgence, have a bite, you don’t need a whole serving to yourself.  If you should want something more, enjoy the healthy Pumpkin Bars you made.