What is FastBeets Approved?


FastBeets Approved is a special designation given to products, people, recipes, and lifestyles and game plans that all aim to help achieve one goal: The Healthiest Life in the Simplest Way. 


If we designate a product with the #FastBeetsApproved seal of approval, you can rest assured it is easy to use, makes your life delicious, and gives you nutrition!


We love most when people are #FastBeetsApproved! Those of you who have incorporated the healthy life in your day to day.  You've made being healthy not just part of your routine, but its the easiest part of your day.  You already have enough things on your plate.  Kudos to you for making your healthy life not just a priority but a no-brainer.  


For a recipe to be #FastBeetsApproved it will need to be

  1.  at least 80% plant-based,
  2.  filled with nutrition,
  3. tasty enough for a picky eater to enjoy and
  4. take less than 30 minutes to prepare.  (Although many times its between 5-10 minutes) 

You're not a cook? No problem.  FastBeets recipes have all been designed to get you in and out of the kitchen in no time.  Because the most important part of meal time is not the kitchen labor, its enjoying nutrients around the ones you love. So spend time on the important things, and let FastBeets give you the tools to amp up your nutrition, (you know, holistically speaking). 

Game Plans

The game plan is your guide to get you from where you are today to fully #FastBeetsApproved.  If you don't have one yet, please contact Shaina@fastbeets.com to put you on a stellar and super easy to follow game plan.  It'll be the easiest thing you ever did and will get you to be your healthiest version of you!


Our lives are getting faster, we need to the tools at our fingertips to keep our healthy life running just as quickly. Let FastBeets give you the know-how to amp up your healthiest life and do it in the easiest most foolproof way possible.
— Shaina Simhaee